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Linda Harper-Brown's Record

Texans deserve better than politicians who campaign as conservatives at home, but legislate like liberals in Austin. They deserve to know the true record of their elected officials!

Linda Harper-Brown's record as a State Legislator

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Legislative Ratings


Four noteworthy examples from the Fiscal Responsibility Index of Linda Harper-Brown’s failing record from the 83rd Legislative Session:

Linda Harper-Brown

  • Voted to increase legislators' pensions

    (SB1 House-Senate conference report, RV1336)

  • Put administrators ahead of students

    (SB1, Amendment 95, RV169)

  • Kept wasteful gov't programs and agencies

    (SB202, RV376)(SB1, Amendment 120, RV175)

  • Funded corporate welfare programs

    (SB1, Amendment 27, RV158)

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Linda Harper-Brown has a past of shady connections and self-dealing in office.

In 2010, WFAA uncovered. that she and her husband were driving cars given to her by a state contractor. One of the vehicles, a $55,000 2010 Mercedes Benz to which Harper-Brown applied her state official license plates, earned her the moniker “Linda Harper Benz” in her November campaign. What made the situation worse was that Harper-Brown had carried legislation promoting red light cameras that benefitted the company that gave her and her husband the free cars.

In light of her special deal for the Mercedes, it came as little surprise that Harper-Brown voted this session to increase session-to-session spending 25% while increasing her own pension.

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